Susan Malfa

My paintings explore ordinary subjects. Currently, in my art practice, I work 2 dimensions, primarily in oil paint.  My subjects vary from landscapes and plants, to still life or studies of a body part.  In each piece, I present a zoomed-in section, a reframing of something common it might even appear abstracted.  “I paint paintings,” to quote artist Joan Mitchell.

Elements of artists’ works like Matisse, his use of line and color, or the way Fairfield Porter and Richard Diebenkorn utilize shapes, the marks of Joan Mitchell, and the tight composition of Georgia O’Keefe seep into how I might interpret and translate what I see onto a surface– composition, shapes, marks.

My career as an artist has been lifelong.    Life experiences feed my art practice.   My work attempts to capture a moment–an essence–and I offer that to the viewer.



Instagram: @susanmalfa 


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