Sheril Antonio

Sheril Antonio has been taking photographs since she was in her teens. Over the years she has worked with both analog and digital cameras and in 2009 her first published photographs appeared in conjunction with an article she wrote for Black Camera.

Her work evolved while using cameras of convenience beginning with the Blackberry and for a time the lens became more focused on the study of color, design, texture, and lighting. She often works in series or themes; Distortions, Where Two Realities Meet, Puddles, and more recently Seen and Unseen. Inevitably works dialogue with social and cultural issues and can even be inspired by literature or poetry.

Her photography, film, and television education has instilled in her the idea of photography as “painting with light” yet none of the images have been manipulated. She endeavors to capture what nature and man-made materials have organized and often prints some of the images on canvas that call out for a more textured or “painted” feel.

Sheril has shown her work at NYU, the Members Shows at Guild Hall and Ashawagh Hall in East Hampton, and in 2014 at the Southampton Cultural Center for Black History Month. 

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