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Impressions from Nature

Nature provides an endless source of stimulation to me as an artist.  Each day exposes me to subjects both familiar and unique.  I respond to small subjects such as a seashell and broad vistas such as a beach horizon or landscape scene.  In addition, the many classes that I have taught challenge me to select objects to be used as still-life subjects.  Presenting them to a class and demonstrating allows me to focus and investigate the opportunity for creative expression.

The elements of art are like words.  Line, shape, form, value, space, color, and texture are the components used to make a work of art.  The arrangement of the elements creates a composition. Each combination of the same elements presents a new variation.  The objects that I choose, the still-life that I set up, or the viewpoint of a location become an image.  I know that with each line I draw there are many other possibilities.  The addition of color allows me further exploration and variation of expression.  Beautiful, soft, lush pastels release lines but allow blending.  Watercolor unleashes brilliant color in an unpredictable way.  My experience with watercolor allows me to work with the spontaneity of the media.  Collage and mixed media present a very different impression. There are numerous techniques in printmaking that invite exploration and further the study.

Some pieces are realistic interpretations of subjects and others explore concepts through abstraction. To appreciate any process of art is to appreciate its endless opportunities.  The observation of nature and the modes of expression are a continual pursuit. 

Quincy Egginton earned her BFA at the Syracuse University School of Visual and Performing Arts with a major in Illustration. Quincy attended the Columbia University School of Art before enrolling at Teachers College, Columbia University where she earned a Master’s in Education and then a Doctorate in Art Education specializing in Drawing, Painting, and Printmaking.  As a Teaching Assistant in the Teachers College Printmaking Studio, she earned recognition as Master Printer.

Quincy Egginton is an artist, art educator, and community member. She is passionate about teaching art to students of all ages and has enjoyed teaching at all levels. Quincy was an adjunct Professor in the School of Art at College of New Rochelle and developed a minor program in graphic design. As a full-time professor at Mercy College in Dobbs Ferry, NY, she developed a BFA program in graphic design.  Later she was a visiting artist for the Katonah Museum, and then worked in the Bedford School and Katonah- Lewisboro Districts teaching Art from K- 12.

Quincy taught art through continuing education programs for adults in Chappaqua, Larchmont, Scarsdale, at the Putnam Arts Council, and Westchester Community College.  She also taught children art through numerous libraries, The Katonah Art Center, Chappaqua Children’s Workshop, and the Chinese School HXNYC. Quincy was an active participant and exhibited frequently with: Northern Westchester Watercolor Society, Northern Westchester Artist’s Guild, Katonah Museum Artist’s Alliance, and the Putnam Arts Council.

Quincy and her husband, Hersey, have had a home and studio in Wainscott since the ’70s and she exhibited with numerous galleries focused on printmaking. 

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