Mona Sheree’ Cunnikin

I am Mona Sheree’ Cunnikin, an artist residing in Suffolk, VA with roots spanning from Washington, D.C to Easthampton, NY.  I hold a bachelors degree in Graphic Design from Norfolk State University and an MBA from Columbia Southern University.  I have been an artist for over 20 years. 

     As a self-taught painter since July 2018, my paintings capture the culture, history and love of my African American decedents and people.  My style of painting is vibrant, sensual, emotional and conveys the powerful positive image of black culture.  My art captivates true elegance in the subjects I choose to paint.  I love unexpected bold color in my work and choose it purposefully to shock you and draw you into my art.

     Not only do I love to paint but I love to teach as well.  I am an elementary art teacher by day with Hampton City Schools, Hampton, VA and painter by night and weekends.  I have my own website through which you can order several different products including prints and paintings.  I love to work in my community by volunteering and being an active participant in several Arts in the Parks as well at offer my work for charity events.  I believe art entices the mind and triggers the soul into a space of infinite beauty and curiosity.  I wish to share my gift of art and experience with everyone. 



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