James McGarvey

McGarveyI am a Scottish born Artist now residing in Sag Harbor. My passion for art continues to grow with each painting as I start to see it come alive with colors and activity. Over these last few years I have completed multiple subjects: ocean views, landscapes, castles, cathedrals and bridges. Some of these themes are derived from my native Scotland and some from places I have vacationed here in my new homeland.

Artist Statement

My influences are first and foremost everything I see, feel, and places and sights I have experienced, but I’ve always particularly loved the works of The Impressionists: Degas, Gauguin, Cassatt, and Paul Cézanne to name only a few. In my work, I attempt to embody and capture the realism and depth of the object or figures as painted as I try to create art that speaks to the mind and the soul of the onlooker.

I have recently strived to widen my horizon through my series of portraiture to demonstrate the varying range of human emotions that we all experience: love, sorrow, pain, and despair. In my paintings I utilize a lot of earth tone colors that embody warmth and tranquility, allowing the viewer to feel the serenity and peace and sometimes the turmoil of the subject.


My artwork has been displayed in Galleries, Libraries and Boutiques  in  , Sayville ,Babylon, Patchogue ,Bluepoint , Bayport ,Bohemia ,Bellport and recently East End Galleries such as The Southampton Cultural Center, Southampton Town Hall , Water Mill Museum, John Jermain Library,   Ashawagh Hall and  Guild Hall  in Easthampton.






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