Eve Eliot

Eve Eliot, curates the collection for artist, Robert Hettiger. She is also a floral designer, creating year round flower gardens using artificial plants.

Eve is a yoga fanatic, psychotherapist, and the author of 3 self help books one of which, “Attention Shoppers: The Women’s Guide to Enlightenment Through Shopping” was named the one of the 10 best books of the year by Spirituality and Health Magazine. Her articles for Psychology Today include “Meditation Off the Cushion: Helping Clients Using Mind Training,” and “Yoga Off the Mat: Motivating Clients to be Comfortable with Discomfort.”

Eve is certified in yoga instruction, addiction counseling, and eating disorder treatment. She has been a consultant to both The Caron Foundation’s ACOA Treatment Week and their eating disorder treatment program and been interviewed over 70 times as an eating disorder treatment expert.

She has been providing psychotherapy for for over 30 years, emphasizing the practice of gratitude to make reality bearable.

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