Sheila Rotner

Tel:      (631)-899-4025

mobile (202)-271-1380


Graduating in architecture at the Hammersmth College of Art and Building in London, finding myself unable to practise architecture when I emigrated to  America in 1970. Living and working in Washington DC,  I began making mixed media works, indulging my love of geometry and building materials.

I started painting geometries in primary colors on canvas and plywood, using opposite colors philosophically;   black/white, red/green, blue/yellow, and  geometric forms based on golden section geometry;  squares, triangles, circles and spirals.  Some evolved into small sculptural forms, cubes and tetrahedra.

For a while I abandoned color and worked in black and grey tones, monocromatic, and unbleached titanium.

Then I  began weaving geometries into wire mesh, using canvas, tar paper and plastic materials. The forms which resulted were woven geometric forms, limited by the grid of the mesh. Color entered the work as I gessoed, sanded and painted the surface, creating texture and color as a finished painting

Abandoning the mesh, working more freely, I wove works which linked geometry and Hindu dance forms, and dance forms in general. Finding a link between dance and  geometry

I am in the process of developing a series of geometries based on Root Rectangles, which I cut and fold to expand the geometric forms which naturally evolve from the various rectangles.  Some have evolved into sculptures.


From the beginning I have worked with glass, etching, fusing with copper, and painting in acrylic.  Some have evolved into sculpture.



Sheila Rotner,  2017