Savio Mizzi
t:    631.324.0647Born in Gozo , the wind swept Mediterranean island of Malta brought with him to this country the experiences of a beautiful land by the sea rich in history and natural treasures, an environment perfect for an artist with his innate talent to be able to capture the images of his land and create the most beautiful paintings: a fish that swims on clear Mediterranean waters, a hand that emerges from that waters with a fish hooked on it with the backdrop of a city by the sea at the distance creating a surreal imagery as well as reality.

Asked about his paintings, Savio quickly responds “they are what they are” no pretense, or excuses or rationalizations about what they are, honest answer because he expresses what he feels, from his conception, through his hand right on the canvas

In his past he was an illustrator of note who created a pictorial narrative of a book, or an event, always underlining the fuzzy line between an illustration and a piece of art.

A multi talented man some years ago he set himself as a builder, again his unlimited ways to be creative gave him the opportunity to build as an artist, his wood details are in fact tridimensional paintings again no excuses or pretense they just are what they are, the product of a true artist, at any level.

Savio travels often to Malta to exhibit his paintings with great reception from his folks and friends who consider him as a true ambassador from Malta to America