Nancy Abbe

While raising three children in a busy household that included several cats and dogs, any salvageable free time was devoted exclusively to my painting. At first I regretted not taking a direct route to become a practicing artist while still in college. Eventually this gave way to the realization that acquiring an MA in English literature may have been beneficial since certain analytical skills were sharpened along the way.

As time passed these skills would later become intuitively useful when painting any subject, whether people or animals, especially when studying people to produce a solid portrait that would express each person’s nature. Apparently studies in the liberal arts served as a valuable complement to the visual arts.  Getting the essence of a subject’s personality and character down on paper or canvas makes a successful painting in the end.

Initially I studied landscape painting with George Peter for several years before intensive studies in portraiture and figure painting with Cesare Borgia at the Reilly League of Artists.

Fascination with the excitement of the ocean very quickly developed into deep interest trying to pin down the relentlessly changing “face” of the ocean with its constant movement and moods which are at once both beautiful and terrifying.  Watching the sea in all seasons for long hours at a time became a major activity ever since and is very important for my understanding and growth as a painter. For there is much to learn from being willing to pay close attention to lessons that the sea can teach.