Mary Mulholland

t:    631.267.6402
mehonbeck@aol.comI studied art with the nuns in grammar and high schools. College was devoted to Nursing science. Then came family-husband and four children and sporadic dives into painting while maintaining a busy nursing career. Had the great fortune to study the Dutch masters and Van Gogh while traveling to the
continent frequently. Spent hours up close and in awe at all the museums in
the Netherlands but especially in Amsterdam and Rotterdam. Now a widow and retired with an empty nest I have the opportunity to paint. I have shown and am showing at Guild Hall members and Clothesline, Ashawagh Hall with
AAEH, Town Hall. (and I want to add my back hall)…..

my art:
My paintings are done in acrylic-on stretched canvas, canvas pad, with pen,
with brush and with various mediums. I do local scenes – land, buildings, sea, sides (sides of barns, old structures etc.) and beaches, reeds, umbrellas, waves, even birds and flowers!! My work is living happily in many states of the union and even in the East in Taipei, Taiwan…..