John Fasano

John Fasano  born on March 13th 1973 in Jamaica, Queens. I am a  natural born Artist with an early passion to create. During my teens I spent  most of my time in and around SoHo, NYC.  In  and  out of the countless galleries  getting inspired by the mainstream Artists of the late 80’s.  Accepted to Parsons with  my street style portfolio gave me huge belief in myself and my Artwork. In the late 90’s I started painting restaurant murals for extra cash, this lead to working with Interior Designers and their clients.  As the turn of the century occurred the year 2000,  I went on to learn from two New York Artist’s  contemporaries. Learning the  skillfulness in art applied methods from Bob Marx  author of, “Professional Painted Finishes”  and then  Fine Art  techniques with respected Mural artist  Sean Crosby. In 2013  I  studied  Lucid Dreaming and became quite good at it.  I became interested in human consciousness and our subconscious. I kept detailed dream journal’s and read many books . I  listened to many lectures on the subject’s. I discovered while working in my studio that my paintings seemed to  paint themselves.  Eventually  I was able to harness a leash over my creative energy.  Today  I have  learned to let my creative energy  take  control, thus creating original Art.  My works of Art today are  based from a deep  conditioning of my mind through meditation and Lucid Dream control.  I’ve learned how to  unlock my  subconscious images  and photograph them in  my paintings.  My works of Art  are pure snapshots of my inner soul. Thank you for taking a moment of your life to view my hard work. I am a current member of the  Artist Alliance of East Hampton located in East Hampton, New York. Prints are available on my website at