Gil Ferrer

Southampton, New York
t:    917.621.7775917.621.7775
Gil Ferrer is an experienced artist and photographer.  His true love and creative vision is mixing conventional art forms with collage and digital technologies creating works of art of original media.Gil Ferrer was born in Marseille, France following the conclusion of the Spanish Civil War and then raised from an early age in Barcelona, Spain.  From childhood on he was surrounded by the incredible artistic movement and culture of ancient Spanish Masters as well as more contemporary artists; Gaudi, Dali, Tapies and Picasso. At the age of ten Gil began painting with oils and spent Sundays in the streets of Barcelona painting local street scenes.  At fifteen he attended the Academy of Beaux Arts of Barcelona.  Afterwards his family moved to Morocco where Gil Ferrer was influenced by the bright sunlight, the intensely deep blue sky, and the brilliant colors of the flowers and landscapes. All of this awakened his deep sense of color, composition and appreciation for nature leading to Gil’s first one person show in Casablanca composed of portraits and flowers.  For the next several years Gil had one person shows yearly in Casablanca and Barcelona until moving to New York City in 1970.In New York City, Gil experienced the contrast of the concrete and steel of the Manhattan skyline adding a new touch to his pallet. This time names like Rauschenberg, Stella , De Kooning , Kelly,  Rothko and others influenced his vision on a more conceptual direction. After painting several New York Skylines, Gil decided to move in a totally new direction, concerned for the environment, the people and the planet ,Gil began  his social commentary series with a one person show in New York City  at the

J. Claramount Gallery in Soho, titled FLAGS composed of nine large mix media canvases with found objects.  This show represented nine different countries depicting their social and local problems.  The following series titled the THE BODY was a social commentary expression on the food we eat and what it does to our bodies when ingesting chemicals and preservatives.  Using actual M.R.I.’s and Cat Scans of  humans as well as X-Rays of fish, vegetables, and chickens Gil  manipulated and painted these images  with transparent dyes and then transferred  these works into photographic images.

For the last few years Gil has been working on his latest series, ORGANIC MARINE SCAPES, taken from the beautiful Hamptons in Eastern Long Island, New York.

These natural scenes located near his home in Southampton use a combination of mediums: photography, pigment paints and organic collages from artifacts found at the actual location where the images were taken.  Gil’s beautiful landscapes show us his concern for the environment and the fragile world we live in.