Bob Sullivan

East Hampton, NYt. 631 987-4402

I have been painting and drawing as long as I can remember.  As a child my fascination with converting crayons and paper into objects of fantasy occupied my youthful imagination. In high school I enjoyed mimicking the designs of rock concert posters in the psychedelic style of the sixties but it wasn’t until I received my formal art education at Ithaca College in 1975 that I began to understand and appreciate the tradition of the visual arts.

My undergraduate degree in Fine Art afforded me many productive  hours in the painting studio as well as a complete introduction to the western art traditions.  I moved into Manhattan while getting a Masters in Communication Arts at Pratt Institute, which was the start of my lifelong interest in galleries and museums.  I began my vocational career in the visual arts at Children’s Television Workshop in 1979 but was lured into the advertising business where I worked as an art director until 1999. That’s when I moved to the East End of Long Island attracted by the natural beauty here and have worked for myself in East Hampton ever since.

I most admire the work of artists who demonstrate representational skills on canvas. Reproduction of the natural world appeals to me for its easy to qualify frame of reference and its endless range of subject matter.   Paint, specifically oil paint, is my medium of choice because of its timeless and universal appeal as well as for its range of expressive qualities. Whether formal or casual I love to examine the artist’s hand in the work and solve the mysteries of the technical secrets utilized.

I am a member of the Artist Alliance of East Hampton, East End Arts Council, Guild Hall and The Parrish Art Museum. My work is in many private collections and I exhibits in local shows and by request in non formal art venues. I am not represented by any gallery and sell my work directly online.