Bob Markell

Shelter Island, NY
h.     631.749.0870631.749.0870
momsdad@aol.comBob Markell has, for the past dozen years been painting and printmaking full time. His collectors span the two coasts, and he has shown in numerous exhibits, galleries , and the Brooklyn Museum.

Prior to this he was an award winning Art Director/Production Designer and a Producer of Television Series, Movies and Mini-Series. (the so-called Golden Age of Live TV designing sets for the likes of John Houseman, Cole Porter, Noel Coward, George Ballanchine, the Old Vic etc).

As an Art Director he won an Emmy for “You Are There” in 1954. As Producer he won Emmies for “The Defenders”, and the “Bicential Minutes”. All in all he has four Emmies, two Screen Producer  Guild Awards, a Golden Globe ,and others (when they meant something).

The only theatrical film he designed is the now classic “12 Angry Men” with Henry Fonda and that great supporting cast, most of whom he later worked with when he became a producer.

His set designs are now in the Archives of Stony Brook University,  his production work is shared by Northeastern University and Brooklyn College in their archives. If you have the patience he can be seen on You Tube under the Archives of the Academy of TV Arts and Sciences.

He works in Oils or Acrylics, and his prints are either Etchings or Monoprints or a combination of both, and has become known on the East End of the Island for his studies of the nude figure.